• Gay Lgbt Same Sex Ceremony
  • Gay Lgbt Same Sex Ceremony
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    A celebration of the bond of love between two people, Commitment Ceremonies should be unique to the couple and a true reflection of their yesterdays, today and all of their dreamed of tomorrows.

    I would be pleased and proud to help you celebrate this commitment in your own unique and personal style.

    Although with the current laws in most states and territories of Australia it is not yet a legal commitment – it is an ethical one and one driven by love and a desire to share a lifetime of memories and commitment.

    A commitment to a loved one is a one of the most meaningful moments in a persons life and a Commitment Ceremony a beautiful and intensely personal experience that is shared and celebrated with family and friends alike.

    I would love to work with you to create a cherished and everlasting moment in your life by ensuring that your Commitment Ceremony is a true reflection of your life to this point, your life now and your shared journey from here forward.

    Whether you are looking for a small, intimate and private ceremony or a large family gathering I can help you personalise your ceremony to meet your exact requirements. From the vows you choose, to the music, to any cultural or traditional elements you would like to include my aim is that we create a day that is unique to you and provides you with a great start to your ongoing journey together.

    An event lasts a day but memories last forever; allow me to help you make your Commitment Ceremony a unique and long lasting memory.